Format: lp

Village Of Spaces - Shaped By Place ()

LP Edition of 300. DL Included. Artwork by Amy Moon Offerman-Sims Release Date – April 26th, 2019 – Pre-order Available – Pace and Gait Brilliant new album from Village of Spaces, a combo once described as, “Dan and his raggle taggle band of hippies” by Michael Hurley, a guy who knows about such things. The Dan in question is Dan Beckman-Moon who, along with his partner Amy Moon Offerman-Sims, is the central core of this constantly evolving, psychedelically inclined, folk juggernaut. V.O.S. has had many name variations and members in the 17 years since Dan and Amy formed this more perfect union, but all of their recordings are possessed of a singular sense of rurality and otherness. They’ve been based everywhere… Read more »

Asian Women on the Telephone - Ivan

Asian Women on the Telephone - Ivan ()

LP with Download Code Edition of 300 Feeding Tube is chuffed to present the first vinyl offering from Moscow’s berserk AWOTT. Formed as a duo in 2007, they have since expanded (in all directions) to assume sextet form, with stage names worthy of Smegma — Oriental Yid (drums, guitar), Good Enough Freundin (guitar, vocal, drums), Brown Polizei (keyboards, voice, bass), Divine Gift (percussion, voice), Mutter Land (drums, percussion, bass), and Lewd Primat (bass, voice). Many of their insane, extremely theatrical performances are available for peeping on You Tube, and they have quite a bit of music available for download as well. But let’s face it, records are the way to go. And Ivan is a doozy. The closest easy comparison… Read more »

MARS - Mars Archives Volume Two: 11000 Volts to Tunnel ()

LP Edition of 500. TMT The second amazing volume (of three), compiled by Mark Cunningham after culling every known live tape of Mars, documents the band in its first fully-matured form. Recorded at CBGB and Max’s in the early months of 1978, this captures the sound of Mars around the time their first single, “3E/11000 Volts,” was released by the French Rebel label (a precursor of ZE). They’re still playing their early songs, and working out the material that would be on No New York. Two of the tracks (“Cairo” and “RTMT”) were never released in any form back in the day,  and the whole album surges along like one of the weirdest rock rides anybody has ever imagined. There… Read more »

Ancient Pools - Cosine ()

LP Edition of 300 Co-Released with Forged Artifacts Shimmering dream pop readymades are the heart of Cosine, the debut release by Ancient Pools (originally a cassette, and  now an LP.Ancient Pools are a duo (Anna Jeter and Kevin Christopher), recently relocated from Olympia Washington to Portland Oregon, where Kevin was offered a good set-up at a new studio. Anna is from Pensacola, FL, where she was in a folk-tinged pop band called 100 Watt Horse. Kevin remains the bassist for a more rockist Northwest quartet called Oh, Rose. But Ancient Pools, with its intimate, electronics-dappled approach to minimalist poptones is a whole different thing. The songs began gestation after Anna exiled herself to the woods of North Carolina for a… Read more »

Knight Howls - Knight Howls ( / )

12″ (45rpm) Edition of 200. with Download Code Love undertakes new challenges heroically. Open minds and hearts, mixed with inscrutable aesthetic lexicons, can make for a magnificent experience. To wit: Knight Howls, the duo of Frank Hurricane and ARKM Foam, two unpredictable kindred spirits wholly idiosyncratic in their approach to sound, music, and whatever might live in between and beyond those things.  But yeah, what exactly is this Knight Howls record?  It’s a funhouse just daring you not to understand it. There are howls, murky breaths, holy psychedelic threats of violence, inexplicable chants, enigmatic field recordings of outdoor activities, and plenty of raw, weird thoughts. There’s a perverse narrative, I think, but far be it from me to figure it… Read more »

bill bissett & Th Mandan Massacre - Awake In Th Red Desert ()

Obladada The Vinyl District LP / Download / Insert SPECIAL EDITION with Download / Insert / Signed Silk Screen Print /  Booklet Edition of 50.  For the first release in Feeding Tube’s Unknown Province series — a run of records dedicated to exploring little known nooks of the Canadian underground, curated by Alex Moskos — we are delighted to bring you the first vinyl reissue of the 1968 zoner masterpiece by poet Bill Bissett and his fellow Vancouver freaks. We have always been shocked this LP was not included on the NWW list, but Canadian releases often seem to exist in their own universe, so we suppose that’s the “explanation.” Because, in a list of any free-form freakouts, Awake in… Read more »

Elkhorn - Sun Cycle / Elk Jam ( / )

Sun Cycle / Elk Jam 2LP Edition of 300. with download code. Cover art By Turner Williams. 1st Pressing Out Of Print!  – 1st Pressing Copies available at FORCED EXPOSURE 2nd Pressing – Reserve your copy today!  Raven Sings the Blues – To See Darkness Graded On A Curve Two mind-bending slabs of acoustic and electric guitars, wandering into corners of acid-logic only accessible to bravest explorers. Elkhorn is a duo — Jesse Sheppard and Drew Gardner — from NYC. Their earlier records (Elkhorn on Beyond Is Beyond, The Black River on Debacle) would have blown us away, even if we didn’t know Jesse from his work as a film-maker (he directed the Glenn Jones/Jack Rose doc, The Things That We… Read more »

Frank Hurricane and Hurricanes of Love - Life Is Spiritual ()

LP with Download / Booklet Edition of 1000. Co-Released Crash Symbols Release Date – May 24th Pre-Order available – Life is Spiritual is the new full band record from Frank Hurricane. Here he joins the Hurricanes of Love for an epic spiritual journey into the mountains, rivers, cities, and towns of Appalachia, America, and beyond. The band on this record consists of legendary musicians including Larry Packer from The Band and Sha Na Na, Rene Bailey (one of Louis Armstrong’s main female vocalists), and members of the Jackson 5 and Mercury Rev. Get ready to get OFF THA CHAIN!

Sunflare - ON ()

LP Edition of 300 (125 in Color Vinyl) With Download Slip.  Bandcamp. Co-Released with Cardinal Fuzz BLACKL VINYL – OUT OF PRINT! COLOR VINYL –  After three previous releases of brain frying high volume pedal to the metal freak-outs Sunflare are at last back to bring some serious brain buzzing primitive punk scorch to a prevailing M.O.R. psych scene in need of some serious face melting. Hailing from Lisboa, Portugal – Sunflare are a scorchin’ power trio specialising in High Energy Psychedelic Speed Freak wipe outs. ON is here to fry minds and with a driving rhythm section that brings new meaning to the word relentless and a guitar player that is perpetually free form feedback soloing over every second… Read more »

Home Body - Spiritus ( / / )

LP Edition of 250. Pressed by Burlington Record Plant Co-Released with Peace & Rhythm CS Pro-Dubbed by NAC. Edition of 500. Comes with download code. CD Edition of 500. DNA Music Video Little Things Music Video Home Body Bandcamp Audio Femme Vents Magazine Broadway World Release Date – April 26th, 2019 – PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE SOON. (ship in early April) It takes audacity to start a song with questions as big and unanswerable as “Where did we come from? Who are we really?” But for Western Massachsuetts duo Home Body, those kind of grand cosmic queries are totally natural, fitting snugly into music that digs deep and shoots for the stars. The soaring voice of Haley Morgan and the throbbing, hovering electronics of… Read more »