Viewer - True Friend Record

LP + Download. Edition of 200. Bandcamp

There can be no denying that Shannon and Beverly Ketch are as dedicated a pair of freaks as you’ll run into in a month of Sundays. Indefatigable supporters of the Western Mass sub-underground, they’ve done backwoods music festivals, run a DIY club and gallery, and make music that emerges straight from the earth on which they live. Previous ensembles include Bunwinkies, Jow Jow, and many more, but Viewer is (at least as of this recording) a totally homegrown duo project.
The music is quiet throughout, but manifests itself in a wide variety of ways. There are lightly surging tracks where Bev’s vocals and the mood recall Kendra Smith’s work with the Guild of Temporal Adventurers. There are semi-whacked keyboard instrumentals that sound like a dub-ready version of Tracey Trance. Shannon sings some deeply tranced & Barrett-oid folk-psych. There’s banjo blues and campfire songfest material and spoken directions on how to find roads less traveled of all sorts.

True Friend Record is haunting and rewarding set of tunes. Lit by blazing stones.

-Byron Coley, 2017