Bunwinkies - Map Of Our New Constellations

LP Edition of 500



Beautiful first LP by these Western Mass maestros of the mystery-volk gesture. Named after some well-bred rabbits of Martha Burr Banks’ invention, related by birth to Jow Jow Feath Knell Rung, many of the questions here are posed by Beverly Ketch’s plaintive vocals, all of them edged with a wide-eyed wonder I suspect was a ruse if I didn’t know her. There is a bit of the campfire to the material’s construction, but there’s none of the cutsey-pie crap that might seem to infer. Some of the bits ring like a full-fledged folk-rock oyster. Indeed, the vibe is not dissimilar to the work of The Barbara & Teri Manning, and the organ backpine that pops up here and there is very much in line with the SF sound developed by the Amarillo Records bands and their ilk. Very goddamn elegant, this.  – Byron Coley, 2011

Arriving In My Eyes


Bunwinkies - Map of our New Constellations