Sore Eros - Say People

Sore Eros “Say People” VHS/LP Edition of 100
Say People Trailer
After the populist pop masterpiece that was the Connecticut River LP, Robert Robinson decided it was time to don the Sore Eros cloak once more and act difficult. Not really, but it is certainly possible to imagine something akin to that process going on in the quartet’s collective bean.

Say People, is really a collective effort, put together in futs and starts over the past decade. The whole band (Adam Langellotti, Matt Jugenheimer and Jeff Morkeski, in addition to Robinson) asked various friends to send them film or video clips. A bunch of them actually came through (including folks like Gary War, Ted Lee, Justin Pizzoferrato, Sam Gas Can among others). These snippets were edited into a semi-holistic collage by Dan “Don’t Call Me Mr. Fribble” Cashman. Sore Eros (along with an auxiliary team) then created a soundtrack album to accompany the finished film. This package includes both the LP (in hand-screened/decorated covers) and a VHS of the film.

`The vid really blows my ass back to the mid ’70s, when i was studying to become a video artist, and spent a lot of time cobbling together bits of found material in ways I found personally amusing. There is a really wonderful pre-digital primitivist feel to the way the images collect, collide and overlap. And the music is weirdo progressive pop that flows through everything like thick, semi-sweet cough syrup. Perhaps this is what it might have sounded like if DJ Screw had developed a taste for Bratppop. Some of the music is songform, other parts are atmospheric, all of them create a pretty amazing web of sound. Video or no.

Even with your eyes fully closed, this is pretty damn great.

-Byron Coley, 2015
sore eros say people vhs vinyl

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