Dan Melchior - QuaranTunes Series no. 053

12″ Edition of 26. Numbered / Risograph looseleaf cover / back art printed at LOOKYHERE.

Recorded Friday April 16, 2021, here we find ex-pat UK polymath, Dan Melchior in full-on solo acoustic mode. This is just one of Dan’s many guises inside the fields of musical and visual arts, but it’s a damn good one. This evening’s performance was recorded inside a Carboro NC bathroom (legendary for its good acoustics), and we are tempted to say the post-modern skiffle revival begins here. 

Dan’s plays a couple old songs, a couple covers (Mississippi Joe Callicott & Bobby Charles!!!) and a bunch of new ones that combine the cynical edge and humorous juxtaposition that marks much of his work across all forms. There’s a bit of the Surrealist impulse in the way Melchior builds his lyrics, but he has such a dab hand with catchy melodies it’s easy to just get wrapped up in the head-bobbing rhythms. But don’t miss out on Melchior’s sweetly nuts commentaries on subjects like the people who pass out those weird Christian Chick Publication pamphlets, the hideousness of record industry hipsters, and other matters of great current interest to skifflers and non-skifflers alike. 

All hail the bard of the bath!

–Byron Coley, 2022 

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