Byron Coley / Loren Connors - Quarantunes Series No.049

12″ Lathe Edition of 41. Numbered. Loose leaf risograph cover / back art printed at LOOKY HERE.



On the evening of Friday March 19, 2021, we were honored to have guitarist Loren Connors appear as part of our Quarantunes series. When discussing what the format would be like, Loren suggested it might be cool if I did some reading to accompany him. We had collaborated over the years on a variety of projects, and we struck upon  the idea of sourcing the text from Loren’s book, Autumn’s Sun. This was a volume originally published by Thurston Moore & myself as part of the celebration of Loren’s 50th Birthday, and had just been reissued in lightly revised form by Lawrence Kumpf’s Blank Forms press.

Loren’s electric guitar playing was wild. I just sat listening for a good long while, then on a cue from Loren I began to read his words, many of them written long ago, and he played along. As usually happens when we do these sorts of things, we leave each other a good bit of room, listening for the right moment to make the next move. Loren is a master of this sort of dodging. I have to keep reminding myself to not be a ball-hog. 

And hey, I think it works. At least his part. 

–Byron Coley, 2022

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