Orchid Spangiafora + Glands Of External Secretion - QuaranTunes Series no.032 : Chronicles of Magoo

12″ Lathe. Edition of 39. Numbered.
Front/Back Loose Leaf Print Art printed at LOOKYHERE.

Orchid & Glands are two of the most interesting sonic-order-destroyers to have shown up in the last coupla centuries. Their collab LP, Couscous Bizarre (FTR 594) is an extremely intricate weave of two slightly different but equally blown approaches to the possiblities offered by musique concrète. Its berserk collaged structure was put together in bits and pieces over the course of years. Attempts to do this sort of stuff in a live context, improvising with pre-recorded bits and sounds, can get messy real fast (which is not always a bad thing). But how well could it possibly work if the two artists were working purely off aural cues (no real visual ones), with the additional confounder of time-delay stirred into the mix? Turns out it can be immensely boss.

On this evening in November 2020, not long before Thanksgiving, Mr. Orchid & Mr. Glands sat down in different time zones, a few thousand miles apart, and managed to put together this amazing brain twister in real time. And it truly buggers description.

Chronicles of Magoo is really a goddamn masterpiece of form whackery. Surging blurts of words and sounds loop in on themselves, then expand into the dark night separating their sources, and the whole thing vibrates like an insane gentleman, clutching a poodle tight to his chest, while riding an otherwise empty freight car across a mountain range. The man’s drool and the dog’s drool merge into a single horrible flow, and the shaking of everything becomes so pronounced that even we listeners begin to shudder to the implicit lurch of the rhythms. 

If this is music (and it is), make mine a double.

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