Andrea Pensado / id m theft able - Quarantunes Series no.022 / 037

12” Lathe edition of 28. Numbered. Risograph loose leaf front / back art printed at LOOKYHERE.

Two of the shorter QuaranTunes sessions presented as a feature length meeting of the minds. What could be better?

Andrea’s side was recorded on the evening of Friday Sept. 11, 2020 from her Salem MA parlor. Seated with a strap-on microphone, Andrea created an amazing collage of live vocal manipulations, interspersed with machine sounds, all presented with beautiful primitive visual overlays and alterations. Pensado is always exploring some new weird sound cave or another, and the one she spelunks here is wonderfully berserk. 

id m theft able’s side was performed on Christmas Day 2020, and offers another bananas vision of what can be done by one person with a microphone, a mouth and an electric imagination. Scott Spear’s long-running Maine-based project combines sing-songy vocals with a vast array of cup-generated effects and “small instrument” improvisations dripping with a sort of benevolent menace. It is a masterpiece of slurped goodness.

This is what they mean when they talk about a meeting of the minds!

–Byron Coley, 2022

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