Wednesday Knudsen & Willie Lane - QuaranTunes Series No.017

12″ lathe edition of 30. Numbered. Riso Looseleaf cover / back art printed at Looky Here in Greenfield, MA.


Not long after the release of their first duo LP, Long Time ‘Til Tomorrow (FTR 530), Wednesday and Willie played a concert in an old barn. It was the hot night of Friday August 7, 2020, they were scheduled to appear as part of the QuaranTunes Zoom concert series, and we were stoked to hear them stretch out in a live setting.

With Willie on guitar and Wednesday on reeds, the music took off immediately and never touched earth again until they were finished.

Listening to the combination of the extremely variegated guitar attack — floating, dodging, scrambling in equal measures — and the otherworldly quality of the reeds was like tapping the line to someone else’s dreams. The music moved of its own volition, by its own rules, sometimes lazily, at other times with something very close to ferocity. 

There was a smoky quality to everything. And the sense of parts drifting together and away from each other with as much purpose as the wind. 

It was a spectacular performance. I really hoped would just keep going all night. But like all things, it eventually wrapped up, and all we were left with was the buzz of having heard something spectacular. Even now, with thermometer nearing zero, this amazing music still warms my soul.

–Byron Coley, 2021

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