Creative Healing - Low Effort Social Events ()

Creative Healing LP Edition of 200 New Massachusetts combo mixing the folks from Hollow Deck (Andy Allen & Mia Friedman) with three old pals who also passed through the Ran Blake Paddle Tunnel at NE Conservatory (Katie McShane, Jesse Heasly and Nick Neuberg). The results are, as the old men say, a real gas. Although it’s not a constant, there are moments throughout this album where the swonky collision of sax, guitar and drums puts me in mind of several classic versions of Beefheart’s Magic Band. Nothing along those lines in the vocal department (which are often delivered as casually as they might be by MX-80’s Rich Stim), but some of the harmonic threads are definitely of a Vlietian ilk…. Read more »

Beige - Beige ()

CS-90 with download slip. Edition of 99. Numbered. OUT OF PRINT!  Most humans in the 21st century seem bent on making patience less and less of a virtue, but Beige don’t care. On their first full-length release – called Beige – they’re not about to rush through a track so you have time to check your phone or finish fast because you have some TV show to catch up on. They take 84 minutes to get where they’re going, and they use every one of those clock-ticks wisely. Their music is efficiency elongated: each sonic step gets full opportunity to make an impression and build a bridge to the next, and they all take splendid advantage of that ripe chance. Stella Silbert… Read more »

State Champion - Send Flowers ()

LP Edition of 1000. Co-Release W/ Sophomore Lounge FADER LEO WEEKLY Although I have lately taken to associating Louisville’s Ryan Davis with the maniacal blurt of Tropical Trash, I am reminded by the release of the fourth State Champion LP, that this is his original mothership. Send Flowers is State Champion’s most fully realized Beard Rock expression to date. The surrealist underpinning of Ryan’s lyrics are heavier than ever, but that is balanced by the band’s most epiphanically tasty licking. The pieces fit together with such easy organic grace, it’s tempting to suspect they’re simple. But the closer you listen to the parts the more complex they appear. This begins with Ryan’s words, which are sung so gracefully you have… Read more »

Spielgusher - Spielgusher ()

Spielgusher “Spielgusher” 2LP Edition of 500. Cover By Raymond Pettibon Spielgusher represents the meeting of two of America’s great artists, Richard Meltzer and Mike Watt. There is additional musical accompaniment by guitarist Hirotaka Shimizu and drummer Yuko Araki, but the basic semiotic brunt of this meeting is shouldered by Richard and Mike. A collaboration between the two had been postulated back when the Minutemen still walked the Earth, but that dream was canceled with D. Boon met his tragic fate in December 1985. Still, Meltzer and Watt kept in touch and tried to think of what they might do together. Around 2011 they arrived at solution. Richard had recorded a bunch of material for Mike, and Watt finally decided to go… Read more »

Jim Shepard - The Letter Tapes ()

CS82 Edition of 99. Numbered. Comes with Download Code. THRENODY  BOOKLET LETTERS / TRACK LISTING  OUT OF PRINT!  CS-82 SECOND PRESSING It has been two decades since Jim Shepard died. In the intervening time, large parts of his crazy DIY ethic (shared by such fellow travelers as Mike Rep, Tommy Jay, Ron House and Don Howland) has wormed its way close to the surface of the sub-underground slag heap, at least now and then. But really, it’s an outsider stance. Not hewing to any actual tradition apart from a strange form of rugged individualism, practiced in the name of art. The Letter Tapes is a compilation of material Jim sent to his buddy, Nudge Squidfish. Nudge had moved from Columbus… Read more »

Weeping Bong Band - Weeping Bong Band ()

LP Edition of 500   Cover Art by Anthony Pasquarosa FIRST PRESSING – OUT OF PRINT SECOND PRESSING – PSYCHEDELIC SPLATTER / CLEAR VINYL  Sub-underground super-groups are not common. This is less a function of the concept’s oxymoronic nature than of the fiercely independent stance of musicians toiling in this area. By definition, they are doing what they do simply because they love it. It can be quite difficult to distract them from their main focus long enough to get them to do anything else. Weeping Bong Band is a lovely exception that proves this rule. Three members — Clark Griffin, Wednesday Knudsen and PG Six — are in the current line-up of Pigeons. One, Anthony Pasquarosa, has his own… Read more »

(New England) Patriots - Patriots ()

LP Edition of 300. Numbered. Release Date – Dec.14th – Pre-Order Available –  SOLD OUT ON OUR END… NE PATS & FORCED EXPOSURE HAS THE REMAINING COPIES. First actual vinyl record dedicated entirely to the music of Boston’s boss post-core art-punk trio. There other two long players are splits, with Palberta (FTR166) and Skimask. And while those two bands are certainly estimable in their own rights, the unadulterated CHURN of (NE) Patriots gives this album a very special squirm. Certain aspects of the blabber still make me think of the late, lamented Cows, and their whole whizzing raunch shebang. But there’s nothing in my personal listening history that has this exact brand of sonic adventurism. The Pats still just use… Read more »

Joshua Abrams - Excavations ()

LP Edition of 500. Includes DL. FIRST PRESSING – OUT OF PRINT! SECOND PRESSING – WHITE / BLACK SPLATTER VINYL The Chicago-based string genius Joshua Abrams first talked to us about the idea of this album a while back. It took a couple of years to get together, but in a way, it’s cool that it’s being released in 2018 — the 50th anniversary of the recording of the first free bass solo LP, Barre Phillips’ Journal Violone. Issued by Opus One in the U.S., Music Man in the UK (as Unaccompanied Barre), and Futura in France (as Basse Barre), Phillips’ groundbreaking album was a gorgeous and gritty exploration of textures that are usually bound deep inside the creative flow… Read more »

Video Nasties - Video Nasties ()

LP Edition of 500 in various colors. with download code. SECOND PRESSING ORANGE / CLEAR VINYL – Edition of 58   The debut LP by Maine’s Video Nasties is actually a compilation of the first four cassette singles/EPs they’ve released over the past three years. The band exists as a part-time project involving several key members of the Strange Maine scene. And when you listen to it, you’ll be less-than-surprised to learn that some of the Nasties are also involved with Portland’s totally whacked Suicide tribute band, AM Frank. The music on the album, however, is a generation removed from Suicide’s protean aggro synth grunge. For much of this set, the models from which the Nasties seem to draw are… Read more »

Bruce Russell / Noel Meek - Classical Music ()

LP Edition of 250. Comes with Download Code. Release Date – December 14th, 2018 – PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE –   You know that old phrase, “Teach a penguin to cuss, and you’ll never have to buy another comedy record?” I’m sure you do. But what about its codicil? “Teach a guitarist to play synth, and you’ll never have to buy a new age record?” If you know that one, you might well be put off by the fact  this album features one of New Zealand’s most wickedly post-tongue guitar players fiddling about with oscillators and analog synths (in concert with a guy who does this stuff all the time). But you need not fear. The only New Age being brunted about… Read more »