C Joynes & The Furlong Bray - The Borametz Tree ()

LP Edition of 500. Pre-order available. Release Date June 7th (US) Co-Release with  Thread Recordings . Also available via: Bandcamp | Norman Records | Spotify | iTunes Mojo Playlist 2019  das klienicum Named after a semi-mythological plant described in 16th century travellers’ tales, ‘The Borametz Tree’ is the first album from C Joynes and the Furlong Bray, a project lead by guitarist C Joynes, which features members of experimental folk ensemble Dead Rat Orchestra, plus electroacoustic composer Cam Deas and multi-instrumentalist Nick Jonah Davis. It was recorded and engineered by Cam Deas, and mastered by Peter Fletcher at Black Bay Studio, Outer Hebrides. C Joynes is a guitarist based in Cambridge. His music incorporates English folk-tunes alongside North and West… Read more »

OUT OF PRINT - Flaming Dragons Of Middle Earth - Seed Of Contempt

Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth - Seed Of Contempt ()

Flaming Of Dragons of Middle Earth “Seed Of Contempt” LP Edition of 500 LAST BOX OF FDOME LPs ITUNES! The music ranges from Wasa Wasa-style destructo blues as played by The Familiar Ugly through odd piano/vocals tracks ala Richard Youngs’ “Advent”, brokedown folk with weeping brass, unaccompanied vocal rants and wonky big band jams that channel cryptic NNCK-style environments via the LA freak scene around Wild Man Fischer and weirdo LAFMS satellites like Ace & Duce and Smegma. The Seed Of Contempt goes well beyond mere real people interest: it feels like a bunch of kids mainlining everything that’s great about the wildest, freakiest rock/roll and free improvisation of the 20th century. Funny, sad, exhilarating, confusing, effortlessly out – it’s hard… Read more »

Spiral Wave Nomads - Spiral Wave Nomads ()

LP Edition of 250. Co-Released with Twin Lakes Records Available for Pre-order – Release Date – May 24th, 2019 The debut LP by Spiral Wave Nomads introduces a new psych duo comprised of two musicians with active histories inside the New England sub underground. Guitarist Eric Hardiman is one of the many hardened string wranglers for Albany’s legendary Burnt Hills, as well as the proprietor of the Tape Drift label and half of the prolific experimental unit, Century Plants. Drummer Michael Kiefer is best known as a member of Myty Konkeror and the exquisite trio that emerged from them — More Klementines, whose eponymous album (FTR 428/TLR 026) has made brains tingle all around the globe. The Spiral Wave Nomads… Read more »

Letha Rodman Melchior - Mare Australe ()

LP with Download Code. Edition of 250. Another brilliant posthumous album by Letha Rodman Melchior. Letha’s music, as her visual art, was a great collaged pile of extreme strangeness, with seemingly irreconcilable objects butting heads in ways that end up making great sense.  I met Letha a long time ago, when she was in Cell, but I had not much idea of her work beyond that until she had moved to North Carolina and I started hearing her health was bad. Siltbreeze put out an amazing album called Handbook for Mortals, and it was essential listening. Letha managed to create very very warped music without making it off-putting. Although her sonics were whacked as hell, they were created with such… Read more »

Dustin Laurenzi - Snaketime: The Music of Moondog ()

LP Edition of 500 Co-Released by Monofonus Press / Astral Spirits The Vinyl District Exclaim A Closer Listen Chicago saxophonist Dustin Laurenzi, a touring member of Justin Vernon’s Bon Iver and one-third of the inventive Chicago improvising collective Twin Talk, first encountered the music of Moondog a decade ago, while studying at Indiana University. “Initially, I liked the quirkiness of the music and the lore surrounding him,” he says. Until he relocated to Germany in 1974, Kansas-born Louis Hardin Jr. was a genuine New York City fixture—a tall and gangly blind man festooned in a homemade Viking hat and crude cloak, hawking books of poetry, sheet music, and recordings of his own creation on the streets of Manhattan. Moondog, as… Read more »

Maxine Funke - Home Fi ( / )

12″ (45rpm) includes Download Code. Edition of 400. Vinylization of the recent home fi cassette (originally released on the Australian Brierfirld Flood Press label) by this magnificent New Zealand singer/songwriter. We were never able to score a copy of the tape, despite the fact we released Maxine’s last LP, Silk FTR 410), so we figured we would perform the public service of making it generally available to the whole wide world. That’s just the kind of guys we are! Recorded in stark and simple terms, home fi represents Ms. Funke working mostly with just acoustic guitar accompaniment. And it’s a classic. Most often, I’m put in mind of the Dandelion era recordings of Britain’s Bridget St. John. There’s a plainspoken… Read more »

Phurnne - To Love Lightly… ()

LP Edition of 250. Release Day May 10th, 2019 – Pre_Order available. First album — maybe even first physical release? — by this exquisitely odd Massachusetts-based trio of sound-collagers. Violinist, Jen Gelineau, is well known to FTR lovers via her work with Eggs Eggs and Donkey No No. Laptop cruncher Andrea Pensado has likewise released a solo album with us (Without Knowing Why FTR 203) as well as one with her old combo, Los Condenados (Yeppers FTR 126). New to us is electronics-and-tapes-shuffler Stephanie Germaine, but she proves to be a dab hand at making sonic events wiggle in the air like some many Chinese ash-snakes. Phurnne is around five years old at this point, but they have kept a… Read more »

Iván Fariñas & Viento Solar - Bloomer Plástico ()

LP Edition of 250. Includes Cd. Soundcloud Co-Released With Peace & Rhythm  Guitarist and vocalist Iván Fariñas de Armas is the “Grandfather” of Cuban rock ‘n’ roll. Yes, you heard right, Cuban rock ‘n’ roll has an ‘abuelo’ — maybe you didn’t know there even was such a thing as ‘el rock cubano’ — but there is. Even if he’s not a household name, Iván Fariñas should be, as he’s extremely talented and is arguably the oldest still practicing rockero from behind The Mango Curtain, since he started in the 1950s. He claims to have written and recorded the first Cuban blues-rock tune in English — over 40 years ago. Fariñasfounded his current group Viento Solar (Solar Wind) in 1975… Read more »