Jeffrey Alexander - Meditations For Beowulf ()

LP Edition of 250 includes Download Code. Release Date – July 19th, 2019 – Pre-order Available. Welcome to the second solo vinyl album by Jeffrey Alexander, best know these days for the lysergic guidance he provides for SF’s Dire Wolves. But Alexander has underground roots that go far beyond his work with the Wolves. Back in the ’90s, when still based in Providence RI, he ran the Secret Eye label, helmed a couple of superb acid-folk units and was the person most responsible for bringing not one, but two editions of the Terrastock Festival to the city Lovecraft built. Since relocating to the Bay Area, Alexander has spent a good bit of time turning Dire Wolves into one of the… Read more »

Tellavision - Add Land ()

Art Edition of 100. Numbered. Includes download code. Hand Painted and Stamped unique one of a kind covers by Ted Lee.   Bandcamp  Original lp is available from Bureau B!  

Eugene Chadbourne - Solo Guitar Volume 3 1/3 ()

LP Edition of 400. Includes Download slip. Release Date – July 19th, 2019 – Pre-order Available –  Eugene Chadbourne is one of the great guitar players of the modern era. At the time he began recording in Canada in 1975, his music was a unique syncretic formulation. While its most obvious component was free improvisation in a style then most widely associated with English and European players, his music also contained elements of jazz, country, folk, blues, psychedelic and international sounds, referencing these threads in ways that were so diverse and intensely personalized it would take scholars decades to decode them. Volume 3-1/3 is the third of four LPs Feeding Tube is releasing, devoted to documenting some of the music Dr. Chadbourne… Read more »

Jordan Perry - Witness Tree ()

LP Edition of 400. Includes Download Slip. Release Date – July 19th, 2019 – Pre-order available –  Vinylization of a self-released cassette issued earlier this year by our favorite Virginia-based guitar player. Witness Tree is a brilliant follow-up to Perry’s eponymous debut LP (FTR 376), and expands upon the form-abstractions he first displayed there.  Mr. Perry has a firm and solid touch to his string wrangling, but unlike many of his contemporaries, he doesn’t seem to feel compelled to resolve all the melodic questions he raises. Perry often stops in a place he finds interesting, repeating rhythmic figures while trying out variations on the note/chord sequence that stopped him in the first place. It’s a goddamn fascinating approach and allows him… Read more »

Nothing On Semble - Corners and There Places ()

CS Edition of 250 with Download Code. Pro-Dubbed. Release Date July 19th – Pre-Order Available.  Herewith, the first expression of the newest project helmed by Brooklyn polymath, Curtis Godino (known for his work with light shows and visual art as much as for his most excellent musical combo, Worthless [FTR 417]). Mellotron is often Curtis’ sonic weapon of choice, and his expressively modal use of the instrument makes Justin Hayward sound like, well…Justin Hayward.  In Curtis’ hands, this ungainly behemoth of a keyboard retains a massive sort of prog pompery that is equal parts majesty and idiocy. The instrumental sections build weirdly ornate sky castles, which are larded with presumably heisted spoken sections, or cloud-like vocals, often resembling Ummagumma-era Floyd… Read more »

C Joynes & The Furlong Bray - The Borametz Tree ()

LP Edition of 500. Co-Release with  Thread Recordings .    Available in UK/Europe via Thread Recordings Feeding Tube is pleased to be able to offer the first domestic release from this project helmed by the superb British guitarist, C Joynes. For this album, Joynes has assembled a polyglot ensemble comprised of folks from Dead Rat Orchestra (a splendidly bizarre experimental völk outfit), guitarist Nick Jonah Davis (with whom Joynes recently shared a split LP of solo electric guitar improvs) and Cam Deas, who records both as a sound artist and an acoustic guitarist. The music they have created for The Borametz Tree (itself a semi-mythical tree found largely in travellers’ tales of the 1500s) is a difficult-to-describe hybrid of approaches… Read more »

Trinary System - Lights In The Center of your Head ()

LP Edition of 300 Includes Download Slip. Street Date –  July 19th, 2019  – Pre-orders available. Great debut album by the new trio led by Detroit/Boston guitar legend Roger Miller. Roger has been going at it since he was a tiny baby, with a recording career that stretches back to Sproton Layer in 1970. He is still probably best known for his work with Mission of Burma, but cognoscenti wallow in his work with the original Destroy All Monsters, F.U.K., Empool (FTR 311), the Farmers (FTR 199), his crazy solo stuff (FTR 217) and recent jamming with M2 (FTR 088). With Trinary System, Roger manages to get wild trio aktion going that touches on all phases of his magnificent trajectory. Things… Read more »

Idea Fire Company - The Light That Never Ceases To Fail ()

LP  Edition of 250. Download Slip Included. Release Date – July 19th, 2019 – Pre-Order Available –  In my count, this is the 25th album by Amherst’s Idea Fire Company. And it a marvel of creative whackery that unfolds its charms like a glamorous stripper doing a matinee show at a well-lit coal mine. Many key auxiliary members have passed through IFCO’s ranks (Dr. Steve, Jessi Leigh Swenson, Meira O’Reilly, Franz de Waard, Graham Lambkin, Matt Krefting, etc.), but the core of the unit has always been Karla Borecky (catcher, piano) and Scott Foust (first base, trumpet/synth). On The Light they are joined by bassist, Mike Popovich (a long-time Foust colluder), and the results are an album of unqualified beauty…. Read more »

Elkhorn - Sun Cycle / Elk Jam ( / )

Sun Cycle / Elk Jam 2LP Edition of 500. with download code. Cover art By Turner Williams. 1st Pressing Out Of Print!  – 1st Pressing Copies available at FORCED EXPOSURE 2nd Pressing  Raven Sings the Blues – To See Darkness Graded On A Curve Brokedown Podcast Magnet Magazine Two mind-bending slabs of acoustic and electric guitars, wandering into corners of acid-logic only accessible to bravest explorers. Elkhorn is a duo — Jesse Sheppard and Drew Gardner — from NYC. Their earlier records (Elkhorn on Beyond Is Beyond, The Black River on Debacle) would have blown us away, even if we didn’t know Jesse from his work as a film-maker (he directed the Glenn Jones/Jack Rose doc, The Things That We Used… Read more »

Justice Yeldham - Fresh Books ()

Tour LP Edition of 200. Includes Download Slip. Buy on his June Tour or here. You probably already know of Lucas Abela, aka Justice Yeldham by reputation alone. Years of touring across the globe, performing with random shards of glass to countless bewildered people, awestruck by the humour, sheer physicality and sometimes bloodshed, that it has cemented the show into legend. That said you probably don’t know any of his recordings, as what does exist from a 27-year performance career are mostly poorly recorded live documents and a scattering of studio improvisations. You see recording never was a priority for Lucas, as a free noise performer he was always far more interested in creating pure stream of consciousness improvisations. And… Read more »