Wendy Eisenberg - Time Machine

LP Edition of 250 with Download Code.


Time Machine is a reissue of a 2017 cassette, and represents the first vinyl issued by Wendy Eisenberg, a peripatetic improviser and composer currently based in Amherst Mass. We first heard of Wendy when she was playing with a blasted quartet called Birthing Hips, whose NNA cassette was an instant classic. Since then she’s begun a solo career that branches off in a lot of directions simultaneously. She has an album of post-form noise-metal (in trio with Trevor Dunn and Ches Smith) due soon on John Zorn’s Tzadik label. She has an LP of acoustic guitar improvs coming up on Steve Lowenthal’s VDSQ imprint. And then there’s Time Machine — a gloriously intimate suite of bedroom pop miniatures that makes us suspect she can do about anything she sets her mind to.

The music on Time Machine is arranged sparingly and sung with real warmth. Although everyone thinks I’m nuts for mentioning it, I am reminded in spots of the Space Lady’s outsider take on keyboard pop. But there are also large parts of this record that put me in mind of Elisa Ambrogio’s solo work as well as the singing she does with 200 Years. Meaning there’s a sense of inherent wildness being reigned in a bit, all for the sake of the songs.

Time Machine is a wonderfully flowing album. Small parts of the instrumentation hint at the stranger vistas Ms. Eisenberg’s music can explore, reminding us that this is but one her guises. But it’s a damn good one. And we’re very happy she let us help document it.

-Byron Coley, 2018