Tredici Bacci - The Thirteen Kisses EP

Tredici Bacci “The Thirteen Kisses EP” EP (180 Gram Black Vinyl) with Insert / Download Code
Edition of 300  Co-Released with 100% Breakfast

Photo Cover by Zach Lanoue
Painting Cover by Golden Sweet


First vinylization of the great debut by this large Boston ensemble, helmed by Simon Hanes (ex-Guerilla Toss) and dedicated to reinventing the sounds that drove Italian cinema throughout the ’60s and ’70s. Their touch is goddamn perfect, including technical tropes you’ll recognize as updates of everyone from Nino Rota to Ennio Morricone and way way beyond.

Largely instrumental the sound blends mysterious lone trumpets, plonking percussion twangers, syrupy organ bleeds, swathes of strings (real or imagined) and clomping rhythms in a way that’ll make you sit straight up in your chair and yell, “Ciao!”

A bunch of these players were also involved with Survivors Breakfast, who played with Anthony Coleman on his most recent Tzadik disc, The End of Summer, but this project trumps all others. Great stuff. Can’t wait ’til they hook up with Asia Argento.

-Byron Coley, 2015

Tredici Bacci EP