Blanche Blanche Blanche - Talk Out Loud b/w Water To Wine

45pm Single in an Edition of 500


We are beyond excited to finally have the first release by Blanche Blanche Blanche in our grubby little mitts, and you will be too! Two warped pop hits by the loviest folks in Brattleboro VT: Sarah Smith and Zach Phillips. This single will warrant repeated back-to-back flipping on your turntable. As a keyboard and vocal duo they create a complete sound-picture, but they’ve also got a great live band called Easy Street. Hey, their heads fly around and stuff too!!!! This heavily blogged-about duo has a tape and an LP coming out on Night People for late 2011 and their video for this single was featured on Pitchfork. Plus they just got interviewed for French Vogue (whodathunkit?!)