Big Blood - QuaranTunes Series No.027

12″ Lathe Edition of 35. Risograph Front/Back Loose Leaf Print Art printed at LOOKYHERE.



Recorded the evening of Friday October 16, 2020, at Tank 28 inside the Blue House in South Portland Maine, here is Big Blood live.

Although this record is shorn of visual magic of the trio’s Family Circus of visual insanity, the music is such a stone cool dip into the ocean of their collective subconscious you can close your eyes and almost see what was going on that night. 

The music is a fantastic and revelatory stroll through a few of their old numbers, some ones that are new to me, and a selection of covers that seems utterly random until you hear how they cast each of the tunes in their own unique image. Sam Cooke’s 1961 single “Cupid,” “You Don’t Know What’s Going On” (a track from Exuma’s eponymous 1970 debut LP, as well as the b-side of his first single), and the Clean’s “Anything Could Happen” (off their 1981 Boodle Boodle Boodle EP) each gets transmogrified into a Big Blood tune by the touch of the band’s magic wand.

Big Blood has such a weird and special way of handling each element of their music — words, notes, rhythms, instruments, voices — they never seem to be playing anything that didn’t emerge full-blown from their collective beans. An organic headbirth of spatial psychedelia rooted in spiritual connection. Their blend just gets more and more amazing.

And this session is all that. Dig it.

–Byron Coley, 2021