Justice Yeldham - Popped In The Head All The Time Now

Justice Yeldham “Popped In The Head All The Time Now 12” (45rpm)
Edition of 300

Justice Yeldham is the performing handle of Lucas Abela of Sydney, Australia. For the last five or so years, Justice has taken Iggy Pop’s early ‘70s experiments with glass-as-instrument to whole new vistas of bloody ruin. Where the Ig saw glass as something merely to shatter and slash with (rendering old Ben Franklin’s experiements with his “Amonica” quaint in the process), Justice uses shatterage as the capstone to a whole new quasi-musical way of life. Yeldham takes salvaged sheets of glass and contact mics them, runs them through electronics, and blows the ever loving shit out of them. Someone described him as “a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe” (to parse this reference, see Edwin Abbott’s Flatland), and that sorta captures the gestalt of his performance style. Of course, the sound is something else again. Keeping the trumpet concept in focus, this record sounds like (your favorite trumpeter’s name here) attempting to blow the fever out of Lou Reed shortly after he’d been bitten by a horse. Which mens it has some of the same gaseous quality as most solo brass-qua-brass records, but it also seems have been processed through the diseased body of some former member of The Primitives. Originally recorded as part of the soundtrack to a film by Vincent Moon, Popped in the Head All the Time Now is sure to make 300 movie haters very very happy.


Justice Yeldham - Popped in the head all the time now

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