Plants of the Bible - Plants of the Bible

LP Edition of 250. Includes download code. Mastered by Jeremy Pisani.

CASSETTE Edition of 200 includes download slip.

CD Edition of 500.

Here is the first physically graspable music available by this mysterious Western Massachusetts duo, whose sound has been called “Synthetic ASMR love balladry,” by more than one canny listener.

Asking them to describe themselves, we received this missive:

“Plants of the Bible started in a bedroom in Florence with a tape machine and a poem about an unkillable dog android before it quickly spiraled out of control into a real band with a real record. Their first album is a dreamy cast of imagined characters and everyday events built with elaborately layered sounds. Driven by their array of cheap keyboards and a wide range of influences from La Boheme to Fabio Frizzi to Justin Bieber, their music is deceptively inviting and playfully disorienting.

“They are currently working on an EP of hot songs and researching a more long-term project about the history of lesbian porn.”

Not sure what more we can add, except that, according to inter-web sources, there are more than 120 plants mentioned in the Bible, ranging from “Abraham’s Bush” to “Wormwood.” If you need more information consult a priest of some sort. If you need be be confused in a way that involves wonderfully deep hooks, get this album instead. Go ahead, All will be forgiven. By actual plants!  -Byron Coley, 2019 


CS Pro-Dubbed Edition of 200. coming soon….

LP Edition of 200. Coming later in the year.

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