Omnivore - Omnivore

Omnivore “Omnivore” LP
Edition of 500


First album by Glenna van Nostrand, a Providence Rhode Island-based performance artist obsessed with archaic telecommunication hardware. Using solo vocals run through an old telephone, amplified by a variety of radios, her work creates its own rhythms through hypnotic layering, repetition and the imperfections built into her chosen delivery system. Alternately ethereal and cracked, her performance takes simple kernels of thought and speech, creating mystifying vistas of otherness that hint at the eternal now. The only specific musical accompaniment comes from her use of a telephone’s touch pad as a keyboard, but the rich weirdness of her compositions is consistent and dazzling. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Machines with Magnets with Keith Souza and Seth Manchester in Providence. Are you ready for two side long slices of the Omnivore experience? Get yours now.  – Byron Coley

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