Of Thousands - Of Thousands

CS17 Edition of 150

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Debut release by this very hep Boston duo made up of Arian Shafiee (Guerilla Toss) and Mia Friedman (Hollow Deck). Not particularly reminiscent of any of their ur-groups, the music from Of Thousands blends keys, strings, voices, electronics and loops into avant garde chamber sput with surly attitudinal content.

One is reminded of the opening line os X Ray Spex’s “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!,” at least in terms of conceptual approach. Because while the audience is anticipating a tongue load of sugar, what’s delivered is a load more resembling porcupine quills.

The most facile comparisons are to small bits found on the albums of European art rock legends like Slapp Happy and Vibraslaps, but Mia’s voice is not as acerbic as all that. The songs actually breathe with a certain warm intimacy, but the music is belligerent. It refuses to lie down like good pop. It shifts and attacks and sticks in your throat like some sort of weird virus.

A great mix of elements. And a very fine release.  -Byron Coley, 2017