Power Bottom - My Meat Is Alive

LP Edition of 100. Numbered. Download Slip Included.

psychedelicbabymag interview


From somewhere in rural Canada comes Power Bottom. The solo project of an anonymous being, My Meat is Alive is the first album we’ve heard that was created solely by voice, electronics, cymbal, tom-tom and sex toys. At least that’s what we’ve been told, and who the hell are we to argue with such a commanding figure? Two puny cis-normative gents cannot really hope to combat anything here. We can only report that the sounds astound.

Power Bottom has put together an album that disorients in some of the most profound ways imaginable. The sound of a vibrator has a very physical quality (and semiotic heft) unequalled by any other “instrument” I can think of. My Meat is Alive uses not just the objective reality of sonics, but lots of implied narrative as well, to conjure a truly provocative soundscape.

This album is definitely in the “noise” bag, but it’s not harsh. And it has more layers than any ass-onion you or any of your so-called “friends” has ever dug up from a mound of comely beach sand, regardless of where that beach might be. Which means it’s pretty amazing. 

-Byron Coley, 2019