Chris Weisman - Maya Properties (Volume Four)

Chris Weisman “Maya Properties (Volume 4)” LP Edition of 220
Original Art by RAFTAR & Printed Art by Ruth Garbus

Vinylization of the digital release by OSR Tapes !
Available on YOUTUBE !

The fourth vinyl volume of Chris Weisman’s extraordinary Brat-Pop download (88 songs in all) is perhaps the most aggressively eclectic in the batch. A mixed baguette of the most delicious variety.

From the raw, raw, raw guitar scuzz of “Mystical Ringo” to the nicely burbling (if somewhat Beck-ian) keyboard chug of “Dear Dandy” (perhaps based on second-hand Gary Wilson form-looting?) to the sickeningly catchy “Irish Stuff,” with its hideously treated leprechuan vocals, Volume 4 touches its figurative lips to many corners of the world’s style map.

But, except for the extremely-zonked bongerism of the late second side, the music here is clearly cut from Weismanian cloth. The hooks are as high as Mount Washington, the pop moves as wide andf flowing as the Connecticut River, the melodies as sweet as sugar-on-snow. Another bodacious effort.

Original cover art this time by RAFTAR. And not one to miss.

-Byron Coley, 2015