Damo Suzuki & The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Live 2012

CS Edition of 200


Cassette reissue of a legendary LP, recorded live in Ottawa at the Dominion Tavern on March 23, 2012 during Damo’s Canadian tour. Originally released in an edition of 100 on the band’s own Birdman Sound label, this set finds the peripatetic Can singer (who, like Chuck Berry before him, tends to play with instrumental backing by local talent) in some of the best company he has yet found.

TBWNIAS (in septet format this evening) lay down thick slabs of the distended heavy guitar psych with which they’ve made their rep. But they’re always had underground Germanic influences that surface in their work, so when Damo switches into Tago Mago mode, they are on it, with exquisite Leibezeit drum patterns setting the stage for throbbing strings and a pulse Damo could follow in the dark.

Totally improvised, the music and words move like a river flowing through your brain — sometimes the slowly curling current floats you along like a dream, sometimes the foaming whitewater just about swamps you. But it’s a thrilling ride, champ, and now you can have yourself a copy for just pennies a day. If this ain’t your lucky say, what is?

-Byron Coley, 2020