Joey Agresta - Let Me To Rock

LP Edition of 100. Numbered. Includes Download Code with LP.   Bandcamp

I had long ago dismantled my home studio and was only recording songs on my smart phone when Benny Yurco invited me over to his house to make music. Out of the few people who have recorded me over the years no one has understood the way I work better than Benny. He got the gist instantly and before I knew it we were making an album. Everything came easy and it reminded me how much fun making music could be. But by the time I was finishing the vocals Benny had gone on tour, the coronavirus lockdown was beginning, and I was increasingly manic, depressed, and drunk. I experienced multiple visitations from the ghost of Sarah Huang, my old girlfriend who was murdered 17 years ago on the day I finally completed the album. She saw me through a really hard time and I would like to dedicate this record in her memory.

Songs have a way of writing themselves. They contain secrets and signs that can take years to understand. Making this record helped me remember how grateful I am for music and the magic it does.

-Joey Agresta, 2020