No Sound - It’s Never Room Service

Edition of 500.

No Sound is the solo project of Massachusetts’ Ted Lee, whose live shows and recordings are becoming more frequent, making the world a goddamn better place. Each No Sound performance is a rare and unique treat, warping the connective tissue between vocals, heavy drumming, performance art and electronically manipulated soundscapes. Most of No Sound’s earlier documents came in ultra-limited runs that disappeared so fast we didn’t even have time to put them on the website. It’s Never Room Service is the second No Sound LP, and features great four track dribbling and damage, mingling children’s songs with Lee’s own naive and heartfelt crooning. It’s kinda like getting stuck on a fairground carousel with a head full of acid, amidst a busload of happy guys in lederhosen each of them with a Richard Youngs song in his heart. Orange LP with double-sided full color insert.


No Sound - It's Never Room Service