Home Body - In Real Life

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First LP by superbly talented Northampton MA duo, Haley Morgan and Eric Hnatow, who rewrite the basic DNA of electro-pop for their own nefarious purposes. They are capable of the sweet gesticulation for which the form is noted, and they do this with incredible aplomb. Staying away from the cute-ass rhyming-nada that so many of their peers use as stock-in-trade, when they opt for romantic aktion, they craft tunes that carry the weight of flat-out Buckingham/Knicks updates in terms of sheer perfection — multi-part femme-voiced songs of longing that explode with deep, fully-immersed emotional content, set inside of perfectly balanced guitar/key/percussion explorations. Outside of time or style, these pieces hew to Home Body’s own standards of canonical pop-re-imagination. Even better, IMHO, are Home Body’s darker, weirder songs on the second side, like “Hunt It” and “Ram” which head in oblique directions both lyrically and musically, creating purely original vistas of possibility. This album fulfills many desires, some of which you may have never even suspected you harbored. Classic.  – Byron Coley, 2012



Home Body - In Real Life

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