Lili Dwight & Alison Darrow - If, On A Summer’s Night

Written by Lili Dwight. Art by Alison Darrow. Design by Naomi Yang

Hardcover –  OUT OF PRINT

Paperback 24.99 + shipping

Published by Galactic Smarties, this Limited Edition (Hardcover) of 100 signed and numbered hard cover copies is available to you for $69 USD (plus $5 postage in the US). With beautiful color printing on deluxe coated stock, this 10 x 8″ 48 page book is designed for children of all ages. A great read-aloud book, with art that will blow your mind.

When Hud & Addie were tiny Terrans, one of my nightly tasks was to entertain them with stories, both from books and my imagination. A few years ago, I decided to write up one of these adventures.

Once Alison extracted herself from the rat race, I knew this story needed her talents to truly tell the tale.

And then came Naomi with her magical design skills to bring it all together.

Ultimately many friends contributed to this with their edits, comments, and support, and have made this dream possible. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a universe of dear friends to birth a book!

Gentlefolk, we present to you…. “If, On A Summer’s Night” !