Margarida Garcia - Good Night

CD Edition of 300. bandcamp 


Portuguese bassist Margarida Garcia has collaborated with some of our favorite artists — Marcia Bassett, Loren Connors and Chris Corsano among them. Loren even wrote the liner notes for Good Night, which is about as a solid an endorsement as anyone is ever likely to get. So we are proud and excited to present the first solo album she’s released through a US label.

The three tracks on Good Night are all lovely slides into pools of quivering dream gel. Performed on an amplified upright bass, the arco flow of her playing (with what I assume to be light electronic effects in certain passages) moves like a field of lava sheets overlapping as they move away from their source. The effect is a bit dizzying, since as a listener you feel attached to these sheets in one place or another, and they are constantly shifting.

The sound of Garcia’s bass is hard to place in one genre. There are bits that remind of Bertran Turetsky’s modern classical work, but other parts have drone content with distinctly psychedelic undercurrents (a truly subjective opinion), and others that put me in mind of Randall McClellan’s droned-based electronics pieces like “Distant Voices.” All over the map? You might say that.

But only if you had a very fine damn map. 

Margarida Garcia’s Good Night will take your brain to a lot of new places. For just pennies a mile. Dig it.

–Byron Coley, 2022