Dag Stiberg / David Vanzan / Jon Wesseltoft / Virginia Genta - Det Kritiske Punkt

Virginia Genta, Dag Stiberg, Jon Wesseltoft, David Vanzan “Det Kritiske Punkt” LP
Edition of 150


Spine tingling free improv fire-blast from an international quartet with deep underground roots. Italian reeds player Genta and drummer Vanzan form the basis or all Jooklo aktion (Duo, Golden, Stellar, et al.). Norwegian reeds dude Stiberg and guitar/electronics manager Jon Wesseltoft also collaborate in Maranata. Together in Oslo in 2012, the quartet laid down this very hard-blown and stylish session.

There are let-ups in the attack, but there aren’t many. Broken into five parts “Det Kritiske Punkt” (“The Critical Point”) surges along like an unbroken chain of climaxes. Even when one or two of the instruments start to move laterally, as though things are preparing to wind down, the other two almost invariably get more sput in their gutteral sails and start to howl like their brain stalks are under attack. The only real break comes on “Pt. III” where it starts to sound like one of the AACM’s little instrument jamborees. But that is a feint. Soon enough you’ll feel your scalp begin to raise again. And it’s off to the races we go.

One does not generally think of the Italians and the Norwegians forming an affinity group. But they do share a love of fish. And perhaps sometimes that’s enough.

– Byron Coley, 2015