Marianne Nowottny - Dark Souls Need Light

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Edition of 300


When Jersey teen, Marianne Nowottny, arrived on the scene in the late ’90s she had the looks of a typical NJ gum-snapper, but possessed a voice that was way beyond what you’d expect to find hanging out in the parking lot of White Castle, trying to bum cigarettes. Her vocals had the rich smoky maturity of Marianne Faithfull’s late ’70s work, hauled into an off-center bedroom pop universe that was almost impossible to decode. Her subsequent studio recordings have investigated magnificent nooks of post-naif construction, but it was in a live performance that she created some of her most staggering sonic edifices. We are very pleased to finally present two sides of her explosive and surprising avant-lounge meditations

The first side was recorded at the Knitting Factory in ’99, with an improvisational trio comprised of Mark Dagley (Girls, Hi Sheriffs of Blue, etc.), Mark’s visual arts pal, the late Steven Parrino (whose work with Jutta Koether in Electrophilia was unbelievably savage) and Scott Jarvis (Workdogs, th’ Cigaretz, Half Japanese, etc.). The fully toasted coil of Marianne’s keys and voice, blends into the sound-sheets rustled up by her collusionists like an unholy meeting between one of Sun Ra’s small ensembles and Robin Crutchfield’s Dark Dark. Messy, smudged, long-format song distention with amazing shifts in tonal center and a truly crazed heft.

The flip, recorded with just Dagley in  ’02, is even more extreme. Built around a pummel that sounds like the L train blasting straight through Union Square Station, Marianne channels broken Simone-tones and broadcasts them into the maw of chaos. Even in those instances when she chooses to use her völk-voice the results are dastardly, with a feeling so deeply drugged it’ll make yr head heavy.

If you’ve never sampled the Nowottny sound, this is a pretty amazing place to start. Don’t be afraid. She was just a kid.  -Byron Coley, 2015