Anla Courtis / C.Spencer Yeh / Jon Wesseltoft / Okkyung Lee - Cold Burn

LP Edition of 500


VICE : Nights Off Week Two: Drone, Eastern Mysticism, and Modern No Wave By Steve Lowenthal

Superstar live drone fiesta time here, my friends. Recorded in Olso, during the Auroura Borealic night of January, 2010, this beauty thrums with a majesty-vibe arising deep from within the earth. Each of the participants has been horn-blown around the globe for mastery of individual string/machine attack. C. Spencer Yeh’s violin arcs have powered a million strange improv scenes. Jon Wesseltoft is clearly the king of Norwegian harmonium dudes. Okkyung Lee is a Korean polymath re: formal cello innovations, but her handling of rainbow parallelograms is unequalled regardless of national borders. And Anla Courtis has taken the Argentinian electric guitar to points in space unvisited by any of his countrymen. The two sides of this LP form a brilliant whole. The first is a sequence of small discrete events that cohere because of “fifth mind” dynamic overlays. The second is the seamless contrail of an arrow shot directly into the heart of the sun. Together, they comprise one of the tastiest sessions of motion-as-stasis you will hear in many a dark night. Breathe the deep of the still and huzzing air. Be free and be one.

– Byron Coley, 2012


Cold Burn