Jeremy Waun - City Vibes

Jeremy Waun “City Vibes” LP with Download Code
Edition of 150 / Hand Numbered

So it was like 2 years ago when a SPIRITUAL GANGSTA reached out to me from tha big D! I could tell this dude was OFF THA CHAIN and next thing you know I’m in tha holy Donovan’s pub puffin on a crackstick and up walks tha holy JEREMY WAUN! We go out in tha parking lot and blaze a big hawgs leg! Next thing you know I hear his music and I say WHOA! THIS SHIT IS TIGHT AS A MOUFUCKA! Holy acoustic guitars mixed with spiritual and real lyrics! Holy electroshrymp vybes also with keyboards and sacramental samples! I’m feeling it BIG TYME! Now, thanks to FEEDING TUBE RECS he has this ROCKIN VINYL out! GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!

-Frank Hurricane, 2015


Jeremy Waun - City Vibes