MV & EE - Alpine Tenement

LP Edition of 100 / Numbered / Includes Insert

Copies only available at Feeding Tube Records Store in Florence, MA

Quite an amazing mono LP addendum to the recent Alpine Frequency double LP (FTR 167). Originally planned as a lathe album in an edition of 25, when our lathe cutter retired unexpectedly, the project shifted to be a “regular” LP pressed in an edition of 100. And what an album it is.

There is an in-yr-face quality to the smoke filled burble of the psych bits that is joined at the lips with the incredible presence of the völkier parts, which simultaneously manifest a Folkways/Arhoolie documentary-vibe and the early gusts of St. Joans’ very special wind-control.

It’s a singular record in the vast MVEE canon, and one that rewards deep, late night investigation. You have been warned.   – Byron Coley, 2015