Gary Wilson - A Beautiful Bliss

LP Edition of 100. Numbered. Cover Photo by Jessy Parr

By our count, this is the 18th album by the Lord of Endicott, patron saint to everyone who ever went on a blind date.

For this session, Gary took to his bedroom with just his wig, his dog and his keyboard for company. Given the situation, one might expect this album would be a toss-off, but when Gary decides he’s going to do something he does it right. And so it is here.

The setting and arrangements are intimate, resulting in a record that’s something like “Pillow Talk with Mr. Wilson.” Gary doesn’t mince any words here. ALL the songs are about romance in bloom, the roads leading to and from romance, and reactions to the absence of romance.

Gary’s feelings on this stuff run deep, and his incredibly deft hand with melodies result in a staggeringly catchy album. The amazing saga of Gary Wilson turns another corner. Luckily, you were waiting in just the right spot.   – Byron Coley, 2017