Thee Arcadians -  We Have Come For Your Parents

LP with download Edition of 300  Cover by Gary Panter

New England has a long tradition of teenagers being raised in caves. Local histories are rife with descriptions of shaggy teenaged gangs appearing in towns and hamlets, usually in late Autumn, causing massive amounts of trouble before disappearing once more into the hills.

The members of Thee Arcadians count no literal cave dwellers amongst their number, but the semiotic weight of their message is as raw & subterranean as any you will hear this year.

The band is young, but mos the members have been playing in various configurations since not long after ditching their diapers. We’ve been hearing rumbles from them for as long as we can remember. But it’s only with the formation of Thee Arcadians, and their decision to stick around and work on their material for a (relatively) good long while, that we’re really able to appreciate how far they’ve come.

The material on this debut album wears some of its debts on its sleeve (Mummies, Ty Segall, etc.), but there are lots of wild tongues buried in the rush of raunch here. The album is a sweet slam to the side of your head, and will make you see stars in a whole new way.

Packed in a lovely Gary Panter cover, this is what you always hoped New England Cave Teens would sound like. Dig It.

-Byron Coley, 2015