More Klementines - More Klementines

LP Edition of 124 Co-Released with Twin Lakes Records

Release Date – October 19th – Pre-Order available 

Just feel. This music was recorded in an afternoon with no planned approach, no talk of what it should sound like and no song structures. Three sound-brothers making music in the most organic, joyful way possible. A cosmic catharsis. Music scored on the fly — electric guitar below, banjos and mandolin above, filtered through strings of effects pedals while being propelled by the percussive pulse of wood, steel and skins. All deployed in a fashion that pushes and pulls as if at one with the tide and buoyed by the blues.
With no preconception, what was captured was a sort of long overdue conversation, in a language not studied, but fluently spoken and uniquely their own — a soft tread into Appalachia that side-winds into Krautrock and drifts down terrestrial pathways through time and space. An ecstatic sound for all the East Coast heads and a salve offering to melt and evaporate the currents of turbulence. Ease on back and enjoy the ride.