Gary Wilson - Gary Saw Linda Last Night Kissing John Cage / Duet For Piano And Drums

LP Edition of 100. Numbered. Comes with Digital Download.  Pressed in psychedelic Sludge Splatter

Of all the Gary Wilson LPs that Feeding Tube has done — and there are many of them — this baby has to be counted among the weirdest. Which is saying a mouthful and then some.

The first side was recorded at Issue Project Room in January 2014. Gary plays his baby grand piano, does vocals and organized all of the taped bits (from You Think You Really Know Me and other sources) into a mind-numbing collage of disorganized philosophical reasoning. Is it real or Memorex? Only the gods know for sure. Gary’s accompanied by his band, but they’re all playing synths and springs and prosthetic baby doll legs and whatever else, so there’s no real sense of accompaniment. The whole set is just a beautiful box of well-smeared dynamics, with bursts that sound like a radio play imagined by Frank Zappa back when the Mothers were doing the residency at the Garrick. An amazingly twisted suite of music!

The flip was recorded — as near as anyone can recall — twenty or thirty years ago, as the soundtrack for a short film about… well… about “something.” The music is abstract and possesses a very menacing edge. Tense and distracting, you can almost hear mandibles chattering somewhere in the darkness. But for all we know, the film is actually a montage of YouTube kitten clips, assembled for our delighted viewing by Matthew Krefting and given this soundtrack just to be contrary.

As is always the case with Gary Wilson, nobody really knows what the hell’s going on except the man himself. And Gary isn’t talking.

A very limited LP, this. Move fast or forget about moving entirely.


-Byron Coley, 2018