Charlie McAlister - Country Creme / Victorian Fog

Charlie McAlister “Country Creme / Victorian Fog” LP
Edition of 500


A reissue comprised of material from some of Charlie’s fabulous late 90’s releases: Turn of the Photograph and Les Motifs Sont Fous. For those of you not familiar with the world of C. McAlister, it is a lo-fi country music landscape populated by awakened Bog Men, slave uprisings, shag dancing, fried sandwiches and booze. He has been recording for over two decades, spreading his twisted gospel to lands near and far. This is potentially the most “deluxe” release of his career. The gritty quality of the cassettes is lovingly preserved on the vinyl and his oil paintings look great on the full color jacket and printed inner sleeve.

– Byron Coley, 2011

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Charlie McAlister - Country Creme / Victorian Fog



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