Leaf Peepers “Lunchtime For Birdy” LP edition of 200


Joseph Allred “O, Meadowlark” LP Edition of 300


Idea Fire Company “The Light That Never Ceases To Fail” LP  Edition of 250





Jeffrey Alexander “Meditations For Beowulf” LP Edition of 250



Mozzaleum “Dark Ride” LP Edition of 200


William Austin Clay “…Oops!” LP Edition of 250


Jordan Perry “Witness Tree” LP Edition of 300


Plants of the Bible “ST” CS / CD Co-Release With Ticked Off Tapes


The Taxidermists “Tax” LP Edition of 250.


Eugene Chadbourne “Solo Guitar Volume 3 1/3” LP Edition of 400


Fred Lane and his Disheveled Monkeybiters “Icepick to the Moon” LP edition of 400


Trinary System “Lights In The Center of your Head” LP Edition of 300


Nudge Squidfish “Robot Wars” LP Edition of 200.




Dalthom ” Voizes & Ragui” LP Co-Release with Poon Village


Loren Connors “Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations 1979-1980 Volume 1” LP Edition  of 500


Willie Lane “A Pine Tree Shilling’s Worth” LP Edition of 500


Aircraft “Sideways Backwards” LP Edition of 300

Edith Bunker Vol.3

Edith Bunker’s Demonized Vomit Insurance Volume Three LP Edition of 100.


Jeff Tobis “Kissing Phones Together While Looking Up Coltan – Volume One” LP Edition of 150. Hand Painted by Jeff Tobis

If you wanna add music to Jeff’s record, pick a track and send it to feeding tube (at) me (dot) com.