Blanche Blanche Blanche “Fiscal, Remote, Distilled” CS “la Loi”
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth “They Live” LP Death Waltz
Lily & Horn Horse “Next To Me” LP RAMP LOCAL
Harry Robinson “Twins Of Evil” Soundtrack LP DEATH WALTZ
John Carpenter “Lost Themes” LP SACRED BONES
Francesco De Masi “The New York Ripper” Soundtrack LP DEATH WALTZ
Jim Jarmusch “Some Collages” Book ANTHOLOGY

Borbetomagus & Shaking Ray Lewis “Coelacanth” 10″ AGARIC RECORDS
Baligh Hamdi “Modal Instrumental Pop. of 1970s Egypt” CD SUBLIME. FREQUENCIES
Sunburned “Lick” CS Edition of 100. Numbered.
Ruth Garbus “Kleinmeister” LP ORINDAL RECORDS
Josephine Foster “Joey Will Come If You Invite Her” Cassette Edition of 45 / Numbered / Signed
Grouper “The Man Who Died In Hid Boat LP KRANKY “

VA “Tisheh O Risheh (Funk, Psychedelia And Pop From The Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation)” LP PHARAWAY RECORDS

Broadcast “Berberian Sound Studio” LP WARP RECORDS

Happy Jawbone Family Band “Taste The Broom” LP MEXICAN SUMMER

Sightings “Terribly Well” LP DAIS RECORDS

York Factory Complaint “Apology” LP DAIS RECORDS

Bridge Of Flowers “A Soft Days Night” LP ESP DISK

Elkhorn “The Acoustic Storm Sessions LP CARDINAL FUZZ / CENTRIPETAL FORCE”

Alvarius B / Sir Richard Bishop “If You Don’t Like It…Don’t!” LP THREE LOBED RECORDINGS

Guerrilla Toss “Gay Disco” LP NNA Tapes

Herbcraft “Trash Heap” LP toxic yellow vinyl / insert / No download code included FLOWER ROOM / CARDINAL FUZZ

Bill Orcutt “VDSQ: Solo Acoustic Volume Ten” LP VDSQ / THIN WRIST RECORDINGS

Anthony Pasquarosa “VDSQ : Solo Acoustic Volume Seven” LP VDSQ / THIN WRIST RECORDINGS

VA “Rajasthan Street Music” 2lp SUBLIME FREQUENCIES

Blanche Blanche Blanche “Breaking Mirrors” LP WHARF CAT RECORDS


Ákos Rózmann “Images. of The Dream and Death” 3LP IDEOLOGIC ORGAN

Blind Faith “Hyde Park ’69” LP LONDON CALLING