Happy Jawbone Family Band - The Complete Hotel Double Tragedy

Happy Jawbone Family Band - The Complete Hotel Double Tragedy ()

Edition of 600, Includes Booklet and download. Released in foreshortened single LP format back in 2010, the new edition of this masterpiece of Brattleboro form manipulation is allowed to breathe across two full long-players, and we’re all a lot better off for it. Allowed to sprawl across a couple of albums, a booklet of text and a download card of yet another album, HJFB achieve a rare freedom here, assembling a complete imaginary universe that combines surrealist wordplay with woozy Dunedin-style form-grabs. Composed of seven (or so) people (it changes with the weather), the band seems capable of almost anything. At one moment they can be doing what sounds to be a flamenco version of the Germs’ “Lexicon Devil” then… Read more »

Hurricanes of Love - Quintorian Blues

Hurricanes of Love - Quintorian Blues ( / )

LP with Download slip. Edition of 300. OUT OF PRINT! BANDCAMP! MOSES LAKE BLUES VIDEO by JOEY PIZZA SLICE TINY MIX TAPES REVIEW When Frank Hurricane comes into a room it’s really something. As his name implies, he is impossible ignore. He has built an alarmingly nuanced lexicon out of an amazingly limited number of phrases. “Psychedelic.” “Spiritual.” “Holy.” “Gangsta.” “Pimp.” “Bro.” “Homie.” In the hands of the culture-at-large, these terms have long lost whatever literal or subcultural meaning they may have once had and are now so incredibly overused as to be stripped of any meaning whatsoever. In Frank’s hands, though, each of these words comes alive and full of varied meaning. On paper here it looks ridiculous, but… Read more »

Egg, Eggs - Taste of Sundress ()

Edition of 200 The doors to the clown car open once again, and we are faced with a new release by Egg Eggs. David Russell’s stream-of-vom lyrical inventions are as crafty as always, and Vanessa Brewster’s vocals provide a nice balance to them on the first side’s suite, “Dairy Farm Days”. Balance and contrast on the flip, “Inside the Mountains” is provided by Klyd Watkins (of Poetry Out Loud fame) and Jenifer Gelineau’s reborn-hillbilly fiddle. The contrast between these approaches emphasizes the theoretical hook of this album’s construction. Just as The School LP by People’s Victory Orchestra and Chorus (1972) was broken into the Boy’s Side and the Girls’ Side, so Taste of Sundress has its fluidity defined by the… Read more »


Tarp - Tarp ( / )

5x 12″ Lathes with inserts by Brett Robinson  / Edition of 24. Numbered and Signed by Tarp.  TARP is Conrad Capistran & Joshua Burkett        SOUNDCLOUD