Gary Wilson - You Think You Really Know Me

Gary Wilson - You Think You Really Know Me ()

Gary Wilson “You Think You Really Know Me” LP with Download Includes Booklet. Edition of 900 OUT OF PRINT! REPRESS IN WORKS!  Finally a new vinyl issue of Gary Wilson’s monumental 1977 LP, with extra pics galore, and the original cover art (c/o Owen Maercks’s well-loved copy). Along with notes by Mr. Maercks, Gary Wilson Number one fan! You Think You Really Know Me (also the title of Michael Wolk’s 2005 documentary about Gary) was Wilson’s second LP, but the first he recorded as a vocalist, hewing to his own bizarre vision — a syncretic collision of romance, new-wave-cocktail-jazz, heartbreak, disco-porn-soundtrack-music and experimental tape manipulation. Home recorded in Endicott, NY, the album found a few fans when released, but subsequently became… Read more »

Devin Gary & Ross - Honeycomb of Chakras

Devin Gary & Ross - Honeycomb of Chakras ( / )

LP / with mp3 Download Edition of 500 This trio — Devin Flynn, Gary Panter and Ross Goldstein — has delivered one of the most blinding psychedelic listening experiences of the last several anna. Only one of these darlings — Ross Goldstein — is known primarily as a musician. Gary Panter is one of our era’s premier visual artists, and Devin Flynn is among the age’s most berserk animation stars. But they have nonetheless managed to blast their way into he very center of a psych-specific cosmos that will make your fingers feel like sausages and your ears wobble as though they’re on stalks. The band has one prior record, the excitingly primitive Four Corners Bounce on Pete Nolan’s Arbitrary… Read more »

Egg, Eggs - Vole Crusher

Egg, Eggs - Vole Crusher ()

Egg, Eggs “Vole Crusher” LP Edition of 94 Pink splatter vinylization of an old Egg, Eggs cassette. Featuring David Russell (Frothy Shakes), John Moloney (Chelsea Light Moving, Sunburned), Jack Callahan, Tim Sheldon (Fat Worm Of Error), Andy Crespo (World Domination), Ian St. George, Brett Robinson (Radioactive Prostitute), Jenifer Gelineau, Vanessa Brewster, Sam Gas Can, Karen Ammann & Ted Lee.  

Chris Weisman - Maya Properties (Volume 1)

Chris Weisman - Maya Properties (Volume One) ( / )

Chris Weisman “Maya Properties (Vol. 1)” LP + 7″ Edition of 220 LP+7″ Printed Art by Ruth Garbus Hand Painted by Ted Lee Each Volume will be hand painted by a different artist. Vinylization of the digital release by OSR Tapes Available on YOUTUBE! First vinyl volume (of five) documenting Chris Weisman’s amazing 88 song download session of 2012. The 22 songs here are classic ’60s-ist studio pop. Closest thing this particular sub-set of tunes resembles is a batch of early Nilsson demos or something. Songs he would’ve been trying to get the Monkees to cover on their TV show. The lyrics are not quite as arch as Harry’s were in those days, nor are there any novelty numbers here… Read more »

No Sound - Sucka

No Sound - Sucka ()

Mr.Lee’s most recent 2014 recordings of his cymbal studies in Easthampton, MA meets his field recordings of his local nightmare’s neighbors. Edition of 100 BANDCAMP!

Bryan and the Haggards Featuring Dr. Eugene Chadbourne - Merles Just Want to Have Fun

Bryan and the Haggards - Merles Just Want to Have Fun ()

featuring Dr. Eugene Chadbourne Co-Release with Northern Spy Edition of 300 It’s hard to know exactly what was going through saxophonist Bryan Murray’s head when he first conceived of Bryan & the Haggards, basically an avant-garde jazz ensemble dedicated to playing instrumental covers of tunes by Merle Haggard. Haggard is, of course, the author of such C&W classics as “Okie from Muskogee”, “Fightin’ Side of Me”, “Mama Tried” and other blasts of Bakersfield Baroque. Regardless, the Haggards first two albums were well received, making Wire’s Top Ten list and being lauded in places like the Village Voice. Now, for their third effort, Murray has enlisted the genius of Dr. Chadbourne — singer, banjo player, diehard C&W fan (see such previous… Read more »

Asian Women on the Telephone - Ivan

Asian Women on the Telephone - Ivan ()

LP with Download Code Edition of 300 Feeding Tube is chuffed to present the first vinyl offering from Moscow’s berserk AWOTT. Formed as a duo in 2007, they have since expanded (in all directions) to assume sextet form, with stage names worthy of Smegma — Oriental Yid (drums, guitar), Good Enough Freundin (guitar, vocal, drums), Brown Polizei (keyboards, voice, bass), Divine Gift (percussion, voice), Mutter Land (drums, percussion, bass), and Lewd Primat (bass, voice). Many of their insane, extremely theatrical performances are available for peeping on You Tube, and they have quite a bit of music available for download as well. But let’s face it, records are the way to go. And Ivan is a doozy. The closest easy comparison… Read more »