Egg, Eggs - Make Yourself

LP Edition of 100. Numbered.

Fresh off their triumphant escalation of white privilege into a distinct artistic medium on “The Cleansing Power of Fruit,” Egg, Eggs returns with a newfound appreciation for the emptiness of a merely formal conception of time. Culled from a messy assortment of hastily assembled cassette releases, “Make Youself Egg, Eggs” folds distraction and regret into a fertile meringue, rich with concepts that somehow never seem quite able to achieve full viability. “Where do they find these pathetic little monsters?” one might ask, and where can I get one of my very own? There are too many answers to choose just one: vaginas are bountifully abundant (everyone knows that) but the question remains, “What is behind them?” Let’s explore deeper and find out. Cover Art By LMcNamara, David Russell & Ted Lee