Format: lp

Jeremy Waun - City Vibes

Jeremy Waun - City Vibes ()

Jeremy Waun “City Vibes” LP with Download Code Edition of 150 / Hand Numbered So it was like 2 years ago when a SPIRITUAL GANGSTA reached out to me from tha big D! I could tell this dude was OFF THA CHAIN and next thing you know I’m in tha holy Donovan’s pub puffin on a crackstick and up walks tha holy JEREMY WAUN! We go out in tha parking lot and blaze a big hawgs leg! Next thing you know I hear his music and I say WHOA! THIS SHIT IS TIGHT AS A MOUFUCKA! Holy acoustic guitars mixed with spiritual and real lyrics! Holy electroshrymp vybes also with keyboards and sacramental samples! I’m feeling it BIG TYME! Now,… Read more »

Guerilla Toss - Smack The Brick ( / )

Guerilla Toss “Smack The Brick” 12″ (45rpm) with download code Edition of 400 Slight line-up change in GT brings new faces to keyboards and bass, resulting in a rather plumper (and, dare I say, more soulful) bottom, without removing any of the pony-rending upper register dynamism we have all grown to love. This new width also adds a certain slinkiness to a few of the evil cheerleader routines that are part of Kassie Carlson’s magic kit. The band spins out streams of thick repeato-riffery, while Kassie’s vocals exhort everyone to explode. Word on the street is that GT’s new label has big things in store for them. So Smack the Brick is either gonna be veiwed as the end of… Read more »

Bugs & Rats ST

Bugs and Rats - S/T ( / )

Bugs And Rats “S/T” LP with Insert / Download Code Edition of 400     Co Release With Surveillance Investments BANDCAMP   OUT OF PRINT! Nine song pus-rock explosion by this Quincy MA trio with guest vocals on a couple of tracks by Kassie Carlson (of Guerilla Toss). The sound has a mega-sludge hunch that will make you feel several sweet reefs to the wind, until you fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride. The band’s pace varies from machine-gun rattle to cough-syrup lunge (sometimes within a single song), so you’ll want to make sure your neck is well-braced, too. In the days when dumbos stodd around, hanging their heads, shaking them mopily to the beat, Bugs & Rats… Read more »

Crystalline Roses - Cosmic Driftwood ()

LP Edition of 400. OUT OF PRINT!  Second Cystalline Roses LP by local Renaissance man, Tony Pasquarosa, is a goddamn monster of readymade acid folk transcendentalism. Since Feeding Tube released the One Man Cult LP back in 2010, Tony has done an wonderful solo guitar album for VDSQ, the insane space-sludge of World Domination (FTR 123), the raunch zonk of Gluebag, and various other projects far too numerous to name. On this album, Tony creates a classic late night smoker soundtrack. A brilliant journey into and beyond ego, the blend of guitar, voice, bells, bamboo flute and whatnot will be transportational for even the straightest listeners. Cosmic Driftwood represents some of the deepest acoustic-based psych we’ve had the pleasure of… Read more »

Joanne Robertson - Black Moon Days ()

Joanne Robertson “Black Moon Days” LP with Digital Download Edition of 300 OUT OF PRINT! Black Moon Days is the second amazing solo LP by British polymath Joanne Robertson. It comes six years after her 2008 debut, The Lighter (Textile), which was one of that year’s signal releases. In the meantime, she has continued painting (the activity for which she is best known), curating shows, writing, recording odd bits in trio Tom Greenwood and David Cunningham, touring and recording with Dean Blunt, and doing whatever the hell else it is she does. The songs on Black Moon largely proceed from the avant-volk tradition Joanne first explored on The Lighter. One can hear shards of Sibylle Baier’s deepest darkness in these acoustic… Read more »

Sophie Dickinson Lp

Sophie Dickinson - Cucanandy ()

Sophie Dickinson “Cucanandy” LP with Download Code Edition of 300 Cover Art by Nancy Dickinson First LP New England’s favorite dream-harpist, Sophie Dickinson. Previously know for her work in the context of Boston’s Whitehaus Family, Cucanandy represents a mind-blowing excursion into the mists of the heretofore unknown universe of acorn people, detourned Scottish balladry and backseat singalong dynamism. Sophie’s is music that lives in a hollow tree, emerging like a salvia-soaked squirrel to jibber and skip around your room in a way that will drive you crazy with deviously antic moves. There’s a delicious aroma that hovers over the session, smelling of grandmotherly pies baking in huge underground ovens, mixed with chipmunk fur washed in morning dew. There have been a… Read more »


Robert Robinson - Connecticut River ()

Robert Robinson “Connecticut River” LP with Download Code / Insert Edition of 300 BANDCAMP IMPOSE MAGAZINE – ZITI MUSIC VIDEO RAVEN SINGS THE BLUES  First solo LP by the guitarist for Sore Eros, playing here with a goddamn valley full of musicians — from local cats like Sam Gas Can, Murph and John Moloney, to Eastern Mass chooks like Gary War. All are depicted on the Connecticut River High photo insert, which you may well choose to carry to concert events so that the various and sundry can autograph your copy with words of bonhomie. The music on Connecticit River is extremely wonderful and dizzying in its pure-pop/post-pop ramifications. Robinson seems to have grasped both genres by their most experimental nubs and given… Read more »

OUT OF PRINT - Flaming Dragons Of Middle Earth - Seed Of Contempt

Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth - Seed Of Contempt ()

Flaming Of Dragons of Middle Earth “Seed Of Contempt” LP Edition of 500 OUT OF PRINT ITUNES! The music ranges from Wasa Wasa-style destructo blues as played by The Familiar Ugly through odd piano/vocals tracks ala Richard Youngs’ “Advent”, brokedown folk with weeping brass, unaccompanied vocal rants and wonky big band jams that channel cryptic NNCK-style environments via the LA freak scene around Wild Man Fischer and weirdo LAFMS satellites like Ace & Duce and Smegma. The Seed Of Contempt goes well beyond mere real people interest: it feels like a bunch of kids mainlining everything that’s great about the wildest, freakiest rock/roll and free improvisation of the 20th century. Funny, sad, exhilarating, confusing, effortlessly out – it’s hard to… Read more »

Pimania, The Music Of Mel Croucher and Automata U.K. Ltd - The Music of Mel Croucher and Automata U.K. Ltd ()

Pimania LP 180 Gram Edition of 500 OUT OF PRINT! “Don’t be so shy man, just come an’ meet the Pi-Man” The crown jewel in the feeding tube catalog. The music on this record was recorded from 1981-1985 as the conceptual soundtrack for computer games released on cassette by the British software house Automata U.K. Ltd. Combining primitive synthesizer tones and meandering psychedelic blues guitar with cryptic, off-color lyrics about the multi-colored Piman and his pals, this is unlike any other “computer music” you know or have imagined. It’s like finding a great lost electronics LP by ‘80s NYC underground legend, Copernicus, or something. A bizarre and unique trip. Ultra thick gatefold, comes with cut-out mask, extensive liner notes and… Read more »

Free Pizza - Boston Ma

Free Pizza - Boston, MA ()

Free Pizza “Boston, MA” LP with Download Code Edition of 300 Co-Release with BUFU Records Net Babes Free Pizza are a young-ish New England trio, so my references will be only for comparative purposes. The chances of the bands I mention being an actual influence on the guys are small. Still, who knows? There is a certain dynamic that exists in trios that requires a mental prescence not always necessary in bigger bands. There’s very little opportunity for slacking. You really need to keep on yr toes. And I’m not sure if there’re any hints lurking in the back cover photo (where Jesus Vio is wearing cowboy boots), but there’s a real Southwest ’80s quality to many of the moves on… Read more »