Format: cd-r

Tarp + Arkm Foam - Do Synthesizers Draw Electronic Sheep? ( / )

Reissue of a cassette we recorded live, dubbed and gave away to the attendees of Joshua Burkett & Conrad Capistran’s “Do Synthesizers Draw Electronic Sheep?” show at Rozz Tox Art. Pro-Dubbed , Hand Stamped Cassettes. Edition of 50.   CASSETTE VERSION   CDr VERSION  Edition of 50. OUT OF PRINT!    

Lauri McNamara - My Subversive Lifestyle _ No Make Up, No Bra ()

CDr Edition of 50. Numbered. Only a couple copies left of the tour cdr we cut for Lauri’s tour with Jenifer Gelineau. She wanted to record her hits. Even though ever song she writes is a hit. They never leave your head. Don’t fear the truth, thanks doll face!  

Snaps 'n Claps - Greatest Hits

Snaps 'n Claps - Greatest Hits ()

Snaps ‘n Claps “Greatest Hits” CDR Edition of 300 Girl Group covers by casio and melodica duo featuring lovely and naive harmonies. Get this beaut before they’re all gone! Erin “Snaps” Schneider & Andrea “Claps” Love brings the classic hits and some new ones to boot. An amazing and wonderful joy to hold and listen to! “Like falling in love again and again” -Ted Lee of Feeding Tube Records  


ZEBU! - The $2 CD ()

Recorded on 1.14.07 at The Confetti House in Amherst, MA Except for track 10 which was recorded on 9.13.06 at Mod 50 Enfield, Hampshire College. OUT OF PRINT!